Sleep, The Savvy Insomniac - Lois Maharg — August 31, 2016 at 1:01 pm

What’s That Antidepressant Doing to Your Sleep?


Most antidepressants suppress and delay REM sleepAntidepressants are the third most commonly taken medication in the United States today, prescribed for depression and health problems such as insomnia, pain, anxiety, headaches, and digestive disorders. Most—but not all—antidepressants tend to suppress and/or delay REM sleep (the stage associated with dreaming). This can be helpful for people with depression.

It’s not necessarily helpful for people with insomnia—or for people who might be inclined to sleep problems if pushed in the wrong direction. There’s mounting evidence that REM sleep irregularities may actually be a causal factor in insomnia. So it’s worthwhile knowing about the REM and other sleep effects of antidepressants if you’re taking them now or before you head down that path.

Lois Maharg

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